Canossa Convent, Pallithode


Canossian Daughters of Charity

The flame of charity of which St. Magdalene of Canossa was ardent about embraced the southern states of India as the Province of Mary Immaculate was formed in the year 1988. In the year 2015, an offshoot of the Province took its form as a separate Delegation South – East India Delegation of St. Josephine Bakhita.

In the Province 213 sisters serve in the states of South Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Canossian Sisters-South India
House: Kerala

Canossa Convent, Pallithode

The Canossian community at Pallithode was started in 1986 on a request from Rt. Rev. Dr. Peter M. Chenaparambil, the then Bishop of Alleppey. The sisters are engaged in all the pastoral activities one can think of, to keep burning the lamp of hope and faith in the hearts of the people and help them walk along the right path and not get lost in their search for happiness and fulfillment. Besides they run free tuition classes for the children who are studying in the parish school. TB Children’s Care Programme helps about 110 children. Once in-a-month a free medical camp is organized by TRADA(Total Response to Alcohol and Drug Abuse), Kottayam and there is a counselling centre too, where women in distress, dropouts from school, drug addicts and such other problem-ridden persons are dealt with and given necessary tools to cope with life situations. There is also a tailoring centre  to uplift the ladies of the village.