Canossa Karuna illam, Parithiyur


Canossian Daughters of Charity

The flame of charity of which St. Magdalene of Canossa was ardent about embraced the southern states of India as the Province of Mary Immaculate was formed in the year 1988. In the year 2015, an offshoot of the Province took its form as a separate Delegation South – East India Delegation of St. Josephine Bakhita.

In the Province 213 sisters serve in the states of South Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Canossian Sisters-South India
House: Tamil Nadu

Canossa Karuna illam, Parithiyur

Parithiyur is an extended ministry of Punavasal Community. Canossa KarunaiIllam was established in 2019 at the request of Rt. REV. Dr. Devadas Ambrose, the Bishop of Tanjore. Like in Punavasal, majority of the people are Catholics. The sisters in parithiyur assist in the preparation of sacraments, care for the sick and attending to the alcoholic as well – counselling them and giving them the D-Addiction medicine. The sisters frequently visit families irrespective of caste or creed. The sisters in the community conducted a survey to find out the number of students who needs special coaching, the elderly who are not cared for etc… Apart from this, the sisters actively participate in the parish for the Catechism, preparation of Holy Mass, choir and other liturgical services in the parish as well as in the sub-stations. Young ladies who are jobless and who have discontinued jobs due to various reasons are being trained in craft activities. There are ample opportunities wherein the sisters can ‘make Jesus known and loved’ in this area. At present, we have a tailoring centre and a small clinic for the villagers.